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Amish in America  |  Washington Post

1. Ohio

A historic barn in Mt. Hope, Ohio hosts a livestock sale every year. Amish family members crowd the bleachers taking notes on the paraded livestock. Time stands stills for a few days, and I'm not sure if I have teleported to different century.

2. Florida

Behind a shopping center, kids play volleyball under a single street lamp. Retired men and women spend warm nights sliding the shuffle puck across the court. Here residents from Ohio, Indiana and other Midwest and Northeast states gather to spend the winter. It's a quiet place that feels foreign among the suburbs and sprawl of a nearby city.

3. Maine

In Unity, Maine, a man who spent his whole life as a part of the Amish community woke up one day to denounce the church and its teachings. Now excommunicated from his community, he lives alone in a small farmhouse. At his daughter's wedding, he was forced to sit alone at a table outside the tent. He rarely sees them now. However, as a passionate environmentalists, he still lives by the stricts traditions of the Amish world - no cars, no machines - though he has a single iPad that he spends time on in the evening.

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