Ice Harvesting in Alaska

This past week was one of the most interesting assignments I’ve ever had. I’ll leave out the details of many parts, as blogs are public, aren’t they?

I spent most of the week with Scott Lindquist in Wasilla (and on the boat out of Whittier). Here we are waiting on the northern lights on a random lake near his home. He fell through the lake last week. We managed to stay on top of the ice this time.

Earlier on the same day, I was helping Scott save a 500lb glacier ice chunk from hitting the ground. We lost. The ice hit the ground, but it also hit my face on the way to the ground. Luckily, I was photographing the top trauma surgeon in all of Alaska. She called ahead to the ER and I was seen quickly. It would be like going to a rap concert with Snoop Dogg or walking into a cheesy love-song-only-karaoke bar packed full of 15 year old girls with John Mayer or watching a action movie with Jean Claude Van Dam. A little bit of glue above and below my eye, and I was back at the distillery.

A talented photographer friend of mine, Jody McDonald, put me in touch with her brother, a bush pilot in Willow, AK. We flew at sunset.

More images will be seen in Outside Magazine sometime in 2012.

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