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Interview with Grup Fotografic Manlleu

Interview from Grup Fotograpfic Manlleu

From travelling the US baseball fields of the Minor League, to documenting parts of Alaska. The work of Michael Hanson (Atlanta, 1981) displays several topics all around North (Urban Farms, Amish) and South America (Peru, Chuao), among other places on Earth.

Manlleu Camera Club, had the chance to chat with this Seattle based photographer, with clients such as; The New York Times, Outside, USA Today, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Continental Airlines, US Airways, Starbucks, or Sierra Club among others. A must read interview, if you’re interested in Life, with or without a camera in hand.

GFM. How did you start photography? How was your transformation from baseball player to professional photographer?
MH. I took photography classes in high school and always enjoyed the process which, at that time, was centered around chemicals and the darkroom with black and white images. It felt so tactile. I was distracted by so many other things but always knew photography was going to be at least a hobby. My last year in the minor leagues was frustrating as the curve ball became more difficult to hit and at the same time, I became more and more curious about what was next in life. The lifestyle of a minor league baseball player is pretty fascinating. Young kids, many with lots of money and very little supervision, live in hotels in small towns, and I wanted to tell this story but didn’t know how. Documentary photography is the truest art form. I didn’t want to create anything, I just wanted to record everything…

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BMGF :: Reinventing the Toilet

I’ve been shooting the Reinvent the Toilet Fair the last 2 days for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Tomorrow we’ll see piles feces (of the synthetic variety) get turned into the biochar at one prototype. Interesting exhibits on the future of poo from top researchers from around the world.