May, 2010

Outside Article

I am on the road now waiting for the mechanic to fix the bus. Hopefully, it won’t be too much longer. In the meantime, check out Outside, June issue for an article on a proposed dam in Chile. Also, the web gallery on their website ::

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Urban Farming Book

I am sitting at the coffee shop in Davenport, CA, just north of Santa Cruz. We are 4 days into a 7-week trip around the US documenting urban farming for a book due out Fall 2011. For the most recent updates, check out and/or follow us on Facebook :: Breaking Through Concrete. I’ll try to update as much as possible here but with limited time/power outlets, BTC is the best spot to follow…

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Runner’s World Clip

Clip from recent Runner’s World – Tate’s Hell State Park, FL

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Short Bus Road Trip

I have been somewhat slack over the past few months in keeping updates flowing on the blog. I am anxiously awaiting the next project and will do my best to keep photos/short text coming in. Next week, 3 of us leave Seattle in a converted veggie diesel short bus, complete with 3 beds, a kitchen, refrig and a nice sound system to make a 7-week, complete loop, counterclockwise of the US. David and my friend, Edwin Marty, have a contract with a publisher for a book on urban farming in America. I will be shooting the images. Another friend of ours, a doc film student out of NY will be joining us and filming the entire trip. Our tentative plans are to visit these 14 cities : San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Santa Barbara, Denver, Kansas City, New Orleans, Birmingham, D.C., Philly, NY, Boston, Chicago, and Detroit. Of course, there will be many cities in between where we will stop for a night and hopefully collect some used veggie grease.  More info can be found at

Check back for images, videos, stories, etc.