Images from Oso, WA

Spent 4 days near the Oso, WA for the New York Times. The tragedy is everywhere but spending time with rescuers, families of victims and local community members, it’s easy to see the strength of this community and how they will rebuild.


Grand Canyon

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Outside Magazine : Alaska

I wish every assignment was this wild. Thank you Amy S. and Dave Kushner.

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Hemispheres Magazine :: Big White, B.C.

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Outside Magazine Interview


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Coastal Living : Newfoundland


Mountain Magazine :: Glacier Peak Triple Threat

The past 3 days I’ve trailed my two close friends as they tried to complete their homemade adventure called Glacier Peak Triple Threat. They would bike over 100 miles to a trailhead, climb the most remote volcano in WA (36 miles round trip), and then run home to Seattle (90+ miles). Originally, they planned to circumnavigate the peak but had to change plans due to fires and smoke danger. Congrats to Sam + Brock – you’re doin’ it. Here are a few images from the assignment.



BMGF :: Reinventing the Toilet

I’ve been shooting the Reinvent the Toilet Fair the last 2 days for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Tomorrow we’ll see piles feces (of the synthetic variety) get turned into the biochar at one prototype. Interesting exhibits on the future of poo from top researchers from around the world.

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Outside Magazine :: Richmond, VA

When it’s 95 degrees and the humidity makes the air feel like honey, you hang at the river. And when you hang at the river, you swing on a rope.

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US Airways : Mt. Rainier

I had the fortunate opportunity this week to climb Mt. Rainier for US Airways Magazine. Good weather and a fast crew led to a sunrise from the summit. And, I finally saw the northern lights.


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