Jim Richardson Interview

I came across this today from Jim Richardson. Good interview and good advice. I think my favorite line is “I think there is a worthwhile lesson for photojournalists here: They need to think carefully about their assumption that everyone loves photojournalism.” There are plenty photographers out there who need to be reminded that not everyone on the planet wants to be a photographer.


Images from Oso, WA

Spent 4 days near the Oso, WA for the New York Times. The tragedy is everywhere but spending time with rescuers, families of victims and local community members, it’s easy to see the strength of this community and how they will rebuild.

Colombian Coffee

Earlier this month, David and I went to the coffee axis of Colombia. Colombia is the 3rd largest producer of coffee in the world behind Brazil and Vietnam and the largest producer of Arabica coffee. Stay tuned to see images in action.